Hassle-free Stump Removal across Sydney

One of the reasons behind cultivating a garden in the home or office is the enhancement of the beauty of the overall premises.

And so, when the garden stops looking attractive, you need to take required action; the major cause for spoiling the beauty of any lawn is the stump of the chopped tree. Once you remove the tree, stump becomes just a useless object lying in your lawn, and hence disposing of it is quite necessary.

Most of the times, people overlook the rationale behind stump removal and invite the following risks:

  • It can be a tripping hazard for family members, especially children & the elderly.
  • It can rot and attract termite, ants, & other pests, which are harmful to your property.
  • It can have uneven grass grow around its edges, which further deteriorates your garden.
  • It makes your lawn lose the charm by affecting the aesthetic appeal of the latter.

How we carry out Stump Removal in Sydney

  • First, we inspect the condition of the stump and check for the presence of harmful organisms.
  • Then, we assess the total area of your garden, tree stump size & type, and the root system.
  • Our skilled team members remove the entire stump from under the ground along with the roots.
  • We use stump grinders & other equipment of the latest technology for better results.
  • Our team also cleans your yard so that no wood chips or mulch remains over there.

Discarding the stump from your garden, but letting the tree roots stay deep in the soil can lead to re-growth of the tree and so we make sure that the root ball is removed entirely.

Plumb Trees has undertaken even the most complex assignments of Stump Removal in Sydney and have executed them with ease & speed.

If you think stump removal services are expensive, call us at 0434 043 100 and see how we can change the appearance of your lawn at the affordable prices.